Specialized & Experienced in:

- Integrative Nutrition & Holistic Health
- Celiacs & Severe Food Allergies
- Pre & Post Natal Meal Plans
- Pro Athletes & Body Building




Achieving optimal health starts with eating right!

Healthy Happy Chef makes it easy with delicious meal prep that accommodates different lifestyle needs. Our perfectly portioned dishes are extremely convenient to take on the go or ready to heat up when you get home. All food is prepared in your home, packaged, labeled and waiting in your fridge. Whether you’re a Skinny Bitch trying to reach a goal weight or a Bachelor that needs his protein, our flavorful dishes will give you everything you need to maximize your daily routine.


Skinny Bitch



Fat Vegan


Skip the take-out and fuel your muscles with lean proteins

and low carbs in the familiar form of pizza and burgers.

Skinny Bitch

Keep it lean and clean with fresh pressed juices, salads and soups that are raw,

vegan and gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Goodness

Finally, carb favorites like pasta and bread without worrying about the wheat! Enjoy meals made with rice, quinoa

and other wholesome grains.

Fat Vegan

Indulge in cruelty-free comfort foods such as casseroles and chili with hearty vegetables and natural protein like beans!




Whether entertaining guests for the weekend

or enjoying a family meal in your dining room, Healthy Happy Chef enhances every experience with our stellar Private Chef service. Have a private chef cook breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, or any combination of the above, once a week or more! We handle all of the details from menu planning to grocery shopping, cooking, serving and kitchen cleanup. All you have to do is decide what you want to eat and enjoy!



Muffins, Pancakes and Eggs



Sandwiches, Salads and Soups



Crudites, Dips, Cheese Plates

Fruit Platters



Satisfying Family Favorites



When it comes to hosting an event,

food is at the center of it all! Healthy Happy Chef offers fabulous and creative menus for every occasion, from romantic dinners for two to large holiday parties and corporate events. We can offer you everything you need to make your dreams come true including event planners, rentals, florists, entertainment and more!


Mom's Menu

Mom’s Menu

Enjoy authentic Vietnamese cuisine straight from the source! This menu showcases traditional dishes with fresh ingredients, made with love just how my mom taught me!

Seasonal Menu

Seasonal Menu

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. No matter the time of year, we offer a farm-to-table menu with only the freshest produce

and bounty of the season.



Take your white party to the next level with an all white menu! Liven up your festivities with cuisine in one captivating color. Whether your theme is purple, red, yellow, pink or every color of the rainbow, we’ll design something special with nature’s paintbrush!

Savory Sweets

Savory Sweets

We do a fun switcheroo that keeps people talking about imaginative, tasty treats such as meatloaf cake and taco cupcakes. Perfect for those who love dessert

for dinner!



& Baking


Learn the joys of everyday cooking and baking

from traditional methods to health conscious and allergy-friendly! Classes can be held in the comfort of your own home, at your office or venue of choice. Available for individual or group lessons for kids and adults alike! Fun, exciting and interactive classes will guide you through the process of creating nutritious food packed with lots of flavor that you can make at home over and over again! Perfect for personal growth, group gatherings, birthdays, holidays, teambuilding activities and more!

Cooking Classes

Baking Classes

All classes

available in





Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Thai

Cake Decorating

Birthday, Showers, Wedding


Master Fresh Pasta, Sauce from Scratch

and the Perfect Meatball!


Make Delicious Dishes with Whole Grains,

Fresh Vegetables and Nourishing Legumes

with Mediterranean Spices


Kids, Holiday, Unique Designs

Sugar Cookies

All About the Hand Frosted Designs


Make the Perfect Crust with Seasonal Filling


Good Old-Fashioned Favorites

Like Pot Pies and Casseroles


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