• An Vo

Hi there foodie!

Updated: May 6, 2019

Welcome to the life of a private chef where I encourage you to eat with purpose.

Join me as I bike around,

fill my basket with fresh groceries,

and then to my kitchen where I will create nutritional, holistic and simple meals designed to heal your ailments, restore your body, prevent diseases and promote health.

Please type in what you seek in the search bar to find the recipe that’s right for you. For example, “weight loss”, “muscle building”, “boosts immune system”, etc. and recipes with ingredients containing the right vitamins and nutritional content will appear within your search results.

My recipes will also feature my monochrome series of eating by color and season for the love of art showcasing vibrant produce.

You’ll get a glimpse into my personal life through my culinary creations, interesting food finds, adventurous eats and eccentric style. If you recreate any of my meals, please post and tag me on IG @healthyhappychef #50shadesoffood. Would love to see your kitchen creations inspired by good health and the beauty of nature!

Stay healthy and happy!

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