Who is Chef An Vo?

Creative, versatile and always in the kitchen, An Vo is the Founder of Healthy Happy Chef.

Whether working as a private chef for a family with special dietary needs or partnering with a personal trainer to teach others that fitness actually starts at the dining table, Chef An has a talent for creating nutritious, flavorful, internationally inspired dishes and custom meal plans for individuals, families and groups. Recently, Chef An has emerged as the go-to person for creating healthy food with vegan and gluten-free alternatives.


Where did she learn how to cook?

From her mother! Since she was a young girl , An fondly remembers always helping her mom prepare food and being surrounded by homemade meals made with love. Today, she honors that tradition by joyfully recreating family recipes passed down through the generations for others.

How did her journey start?

Cooking and leading a healthy lifestyle has always been a part of An’s experience.

Everything she has encountered has led to her current life path and calling--from learning to make flavorful, gluten-free dishes from her mother to watching her father grow vegetables, and helping the family with their Vietnamese grocery and sandwich shop, named Thai-An after her and her older brother. Later in college, while studying performance art, she would cook healthy meals for herself to properly nourish her body for vigorous physical training. In time, she would follow her passion and pursue her dreams in New York City, where she lives today.  While she has since moved on from the stage to the kitchen, she is still a patron of the arts and enjoys dance and theater.



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